What are Live Dealer Casinos?

A live dealer casino is an online version of a real casino where a dealer or croupier deals cards to players online. A big advantage is that you can still play this over the Internet in the comfort of your own home, but it feels closer to being in a land-based casino, without the crowds. For more information on where to play at a Live Dealer casino, see here { prize-online-casino.co }

What is Live Dealer Blackjack then?

At its core, live dealer blackjack does not differ from land-based blackjack nor is it any different from regular online blackjack. The rules of gameplay are the same and any blackjack strategies can also be used here. The uniqueness of live dealer blackjack is that it has a real blackjack table with actual card deck which are shuffled and dealt by a live blackjack dealer.

There are many advantages to play at an online casino that offers live dealer blackjack. Many players still have an inherent resistance to playing online blackjack due to the fact that they feel they are being cheated or that the game is rigged. It could be that not actually witnessing the cards being shuffled and dealt plays a role. This is where the Live Dealer overcomes that perception.

  • Cards shuffled and dealt by humans
  • Chat facility between players and dealers
  • Dealers can be chosen
  • Mobile device support
  • Convenience

Another advantage is that there is communication between the player and the live dealer. Live dealer blackjack tables offer a chat facility that makes it easy for players to ask questions or interact with the dealer at any stage of the game. The dealers, or croupiers, are "mic'd up" so that any communication from and feedback to the blackjack players around the table happen on the fly.

Are there any disadvantages?

It is true that, what works for one blackjack player, might not always work for the next. Seating and speed at a live dealer blackjack could be an issue. If all tables are occupied, then a player has no choice but to wait until a seat is vacated. Another disadvantage could be the fact that live dealer casinos impose table limits that might not suit all players equally.

To summarize, live dealer blackjack is a perfect hybrid between regular online blackjack and the land-based table game blackjack hustle and bustle. The convenience of experiencing the live action from the comfort of your living room is the main advantage. HD live dealer casino technology now also allows for the blackjack action to be enjoyed on-the-go via mobile devices, adding to the convenience factor for the player.