The basics of how online roulette works

One of the most popular games played in online casinos is roulette. This game is very easy to understand and the rules are quite simple. You do not need extensive strategies to win. All these make it a lucrative game to play. You can play online roulette on websites like and enjoy the process.

Why has online roulette become so popular?

Everywhere you see, online casinos have a separate category for online roulette. There are millions of players enjoying the game regularly and these casinos also manage to give great deals and offers to the players, wooing them to play more. Here are the reasons why online roulette has become so popular amongst casino players.

  1. Online roulette is easy to understand and play
  2. The betting stakes are quite low
  3. Online casinos keep giving out unbelievable offers and deals

Online casinos get a steady source of income from roulette games. These casinos hence ensure their players are benefitted from great deals and bonuses. While players cannot make really high winnings with roulette, they can keep winning small amounts and still be happy about it. This win-win situation makes online roulette a very popular game in all casinos.

The differences between physical roulette and online roulette

A physical roulette is played in a roulette table. You place your bets on either the numbers, the colors, or on one side of the table and the dealer spins a wheel and a ball on opposite ends of the table. The ball enters one of the slots of the wheel and you win or lose.

The same process is adapted for online roulette by the software developers. You can see a similar picture of a roulette table on the screen. The software uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to create the same effect as a physical roulette spin. Based on the software, the ball stops at a number/sequence.

How does a Random Number Generator work?

A Random Number Generator does what the name says. It generates a random sequence of numbers that have no pattern and that which cannot be predicted by humans. Just like how you cannot predict which part of the wheel the ball will fall into in a physical roulette table, you cannot predict the RNG's working too.

Random Number Generators help replicate most of the casino games online. When a casino uses a trusted RNG software, it means the player can trust the system. They can be sure that there will be no interference in the game and winners will win fairly. RNGs have made online gaming more professional and streamlined.

Can online roulette be beaten?

Professional roulette players try to use physics to identify where the ball will stop and try and place their bets accordingly. This way, there are extremely smart people who have bet the system and won considerably. With online roulette though, this is not possible. There are no physical balls or wheels working here.

  • Online roulette cannot be beaten
  • Bots trying to identify the sequence followed by RNGs have failed
  • Online roulette purely depends on luck

If you keep trying smart and new ways to beat online roulette, you will only be wasting time. Instead, trust your instincts and luck and guess the wheel the ball is going to fall in. These RNG developers keep adding new layers to the code making cracking it super difficult and close to impossible.

How to start playing online roulette?

You will have to sign up in an online casino to start playing roulette. Most casinos have a free/demo version of the game you can try out initially without investing money on the same. As you grow comfortable with the game, you can start betting actual money. The payoffs for roulette is quite decent.

You will win more rounds in online roulette if you spend some time learning the rules and when you enjoy playing the game. Forget winning for a while. Play because the game is exciting and that will eventually get converted into huge wins. If you have not tried online roulette before, this is the time to start.